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Bolegg Terrace

Explore the Bolegg Terrace by moving around the system and clicking on features in 360 degrees! 

No other poultry housing system is as open as the Bolegg Terrace. Together with the smart positioning of the perches, this facilitates vertical movement of the hens. Without encountering any obstacles, hens can move within the system and over its full length.

The nest is located in the heart of the Bolegg Terrace. Every morning hens descend from the perch to drink, eat and lay their eggs. The attractive, comfortable and safe nest area minimises eggs laid outside of the nest.  The layout of the Bolegg Terrace allows for wide and obstacle free corridors, as birds move vertically. They do not need to fly from one row to another. These corridors and the open system enable:

  • good visual access for easy inspection;

  • an optimal light distribution minimizing floor eggs;

  • a pleasant working environment;

  • possibility for cleaning with a mini loader.

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