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The Prinzen PSPC series takes automation of hatching egg setting one step further, placing hatching eggs directly onto setter trays, with an unsurpassed 99.7% point-down set rate. These trays are automatically fed and brought into position. The Prinzen egg transfer system lifts and places eggs gently onto the trays. 

The PSPC machines have a capacity of up to 22.000 eggs per hour depending on the type of setter tray. This allows you to reduce labour time, while still maintaining egg quality. The compact machine offers a good overview, allowing you to observe the eggs throughout the complete process. The machines are easy to operate. The stainless steel construction and service accessibility make cleaning quick and easy.


There are two types for setting eggs directly onto setter trays, the PSPC 5 and PSPC 7. The PSPC 5 sets onto trays with a rectangular matrix. The PSPC 7 gives you even more flexibility handling both rectangular and offset (hexagonal) matrix trays.

PSPC Range


Eggs Per Hour



Eggs Per Hour





Ovoset Pro

Ovoset Pro is the perfect solution for accurate and gentle setting of hatching eggs directly onto setter trays. The setter trays are automatically handled and positioned for egg transfer and setting. Ovoset Pro has a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour, setter tray type depending. Hatching eggs are positioned point down and gently placed onto a setter tray with Prinzens egg transfer system.

The stainless steel construction and durable materials make the packer easy to clean and maintain. The compact and flexible design allows the packer to conform to multiple farm situations and egg handling room layouts.

The Ovograder is a highly accurate and user- friendly weighing and sorting system for eggs. Grading eggs by weight increases the uniformity and thus the value of each egg for the next stage in the process.


The grader fits in between the egg collecting belt and a packer. In addition, the Ovograder can be further extended and combined with multiple packers for a central egg sorting and packing process. The standalone units can be combined with any packer with a transfer arm including PSPC30, PSPC7, Ovoset Pro, Prinzen70 and Smartpack


Eggs within the set and specified weight class automatically move on to the egg packing machine. Reject eggs are discharged to a shelf for manual handling. The grader produces statistical information for analyses and accurate flock management.

Max operating capacity 30,000 eggs per hour
Ovograder 20: 3 weight classes and 2 exits (packer and holding shelf)
Ovograder 30: 4 weight classes and 3 exits (packer and 2 holding shelves)


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    Even with our best trained staff, we couldn’t obtain the same result this packer can when packing by hand.


- Matt Donald


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