On-farm handling of carton egg boxes


There is a growing desire by farmers to answer to food trends by offering fresh eggs at the local market or by direct on-farm selling. To answer this demand Prinzen developed the Carton Packing Module for packing eggs straight into (consumer type) carton egg boxes. It handles the most common used packaging types of the brands Huhtamaki, Hartmann and CDL Omnipac and carton box types holding 2x6, 10 and 12 eggs.

The module is available as a factory built or aftermarket option on the Smartpack and the recently introduced Prinzen70, and will be available for the Prinzen 100 with its release.

The machine parts that need to be adapted to handle the egg carton box are the tray denester, tray conveyor and the vacuum lifter. Switching to carton box packing takes a few minutes and can be done by the operator without special tooling.

Capacity limitation when packing carton boxes

When packing eggs in carton boxes, the processing speed decreases due to the number of eggs corresponding with the carton box type handled.

As an example: Prinzen70 capacity of 25,200 eggs/hour handling 30-cell trays is 840 cycles per hour. Handling a carton box of 10 eggs makes 8,400 eggs per hour.

The Carton Packing Module requires no additional space floor and fits in with the modular set up of the Smartpack and Prinzen70 egg handling units.

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