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  • Up to 22,300m3 of air an hour

  • EA approved reduction of ammonia emissions by 35%

  • Improved climate

  • Improved litter

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Improved FCR


reduction of ammonia emissions

An efficient, cost-effective heat exchanger which recovers up to 80% of the heat contained in stale exhaust air by passing it over (but not mixing with) fresh air from outside. The fresh air passes though tubes sealed inside the heat exchanger which are surrounded by warm air from the house.


• Additional HEATING by including radiator element which can be supplied with hot water by ground source heat pump, LPG or biomass


• RECIRCULATION, allowing the warm air in the house to be passed back over the radiator and mixed with fresh incoming air.



The hot air is delivered at up to 22,300 m3 per hour ensuring an even temperature and uniform climate throughout the entire house, resulting in optimal litter quality, which reduces ammonia, CO2 and dust emissions. 


The applications for the Clima Unit are industry-wide – as house ventilation in free-range or barn-housed layers; with optional radiator and recirculation function in broilers; and via ducting for manure drying in multi-tier layers and rearing.