To meet demand for further automation in egg handling, the PAL110 is the latest addition to the Prinzen product range.


The palletiser operates independently and can be installed with several types of farm packers, not just Prinzen. Various layout options are available, all using up minimal floor space. The PAL110 handles Ovologic and ECS-Twinpack trays, pallets and dividers (Other options may be available on request


• High capacity 40,000 eggs per hour
• Compact design, small footprint
• Loads 4 stacks of eggs per lift
• Two models, 5 or 6 layers per pallet
• Touch screen interface
• Fitted in one day between egg collections

Simple, Safe, Secure Egg Handling

• Automatically loads dividers
• Stores up to 20 dividers
• Manual placement of empty pallet
• Manual removal of full pallet

Saves Labour, Saves Cost, Saves Time

2021 Palletiser 110-Prinzen 70-Ergostack
2021 Palletiser 110-Prinzen 70-Ergostack