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  1. Up to 30,000m3 of air an hour

  2. Lower energy consumption

  3. Stable year-round temperature

  4. EA approved reduction of ammonia emissions by 35%

  5. Improved FCR

  6. Improved climate

  7. Improved litter

  8. Easy access for cleaning


reduction of ammonia emissions

A multi-functional air to air heat exchanger, with additional heating and cooling options, to maintain even house temperatures all year round, reducing ammonia, dust and CO2 emissions.

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  • Additional HEATING by including radiator element which can be supplied with hot water by ground source heat pump, gas or biomass

  • RECIRCULATION, allowing up to 90% of the exhaust air to be recycled, retaining more of the exhaust heat


  • Automatic WASHING system which minimises water consumption and ensures the ECO Unit operates at maximum efficiency

  • COOLING via ‘indirect evaporative cooling’ method


The ECO Unit heat exchanger recovers up to 80% of the heat contained in stale exhaust air by passing it over (but not mixing with) fresh air from outside. The heat is transferred to the fresh air and is delivered at a rate of up to 30,000m3 per hour, via louvres or ducting, depending on application. During the summer months, the ECO Unit can cool the house by up to 12°C – using the ‘indirect evaporative cooling’ method to chill the exhaust air before it passes over the fresh air, cooling it before it enters the house. With full, computerised control of the ECO Unit, the farmer can maintain a consistent shed temperature all year round, regardless of external temperature. The result of this consistent environment is improved litter quality and Food Conversion Rates. The ECO unit can also help in achieving reduced emissions as it features a rinsing system, which removes fine dust from around the tubes in the unit, washing away much of the ammonia contained in the dust. 

The applications for the ECO Unit are industry-wide – as house ventilation in free-range or barn-housed layers; with optional radiator and recirculation function in broilers; and via ducting for manure drying in multi-tier layers and rearing.

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