The GP Air Inlet incorporates a radiator which is supplied with hot water, delivering up to 66kW of heat 

The GP Air Inlet’s powerful fan can deliver up to 11,500 m3 of fresh, warm air per hour - two units can supply the minimum ventilation for 16,000 layers, or sufficient ventilation for 16-17 days for 40,000 broilers. The fresh air is directed to the apex of the house by the adjustable louvre, caught in a catchment sheet and distributed around the house by circulation fans. A constant supply of dry, warm air can improve Feed Conversion Ratio, promote dry, friable litter and reduce ammonia. 


The GP Air Inlet is incredibly flexible, offering the ability to deliver cool air during the summer months (by supplying the radiator unit with cold water from a chiller or borehole), and an optional recirculation feature, allowing the warm air in the  house to be recycled within the unit and combined with the incoming fresh air.

  • Up to 11,500m3 of air an hour

  • Improved climate

  • Improved litter conditions

  • Efficient energy consumption

  • Improved FCR 

  • Cost-effective

  • Wall-mounted

  • Easy to clean

  • Up to 66kW of heat