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The latest range of packers from Prinzen can offer automation for all sizes of farms to pack in to 30 cell trays.

The PR range encorporates the knowledge and experience gained from over 35 years of manufacturing egg handling solutions.

With their compact design, simple operation and various options to further automate the egg collection process, the PR range is the perfect addition to your farm.

PR Range 


Eggs Per Hour



Eggs Per Hour



Eggs Per Hour




The Speedpack 110 automatic egg packer handles and packs eggs quickly yet carefully on 30 cell trays. As expected from it's name, this table egg packer is named after it's speed: 40,000 eggs per hour. Due to the compact design of the machine, you will especially appreciate the complete overview of the entire egg packing process. It allows you to spend more time on checking the quality of the eggs. 

The high level of automation and reliability set the right conditions for a perfect packaging job. 

  • Compact design and modularity of the individual units;

  • Best ratio available in the market: capacity versus required footprint;

  • Ensures maximum processing capacity.

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Transportation of eggs is a fine balance between speed, space required and egg quality. Quality is affected by a number of factors, not least being the quantity of transfers from nest box to packed tray. The Pegasus encompasses all of the benefits of an efficient egg transportation system, not just in capacity but also space required, whilst keeping transfers to a minimum ensuring egg quality is maintained to the highest level.

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