All Vencomatic housing systems are made from high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of your investment. All nest systems offer good visibility and easy access for monitoring, maintenance and cleaning. 
All multi-tier nest systems include:​​
  • Welfare ramps and step-on tubes to allow easy movement around the system and decrease keel bone injuries
  • Vencomatic egg belt to reduce dirty marks on eggs
  • Magnelis coating on steel parts to decrease erosion
  • Vencotrough with uniquely shaped lip to prevent feed wastage 
  • Vencomat nest mats to minimise contact with eggs and minimise dirt in nests
  • Semi-automatic under-system gates
  • Under-system scrapers to agitate and assist with litter removal
Available as an optional upgrade on multi-tier nests:​​
  • MitePerch - an innovative, chemical free solution to the problem of red mite, with comfort perching surface for birds' feet
  • Pecking Pans - enrichment item to blunt beaks, reduce injurious pecking, provide stimulation and a natural source of calcium
  • Fully automatic under-system gates
  • Bird weighers
  • Feed weighers
  • Egg counters
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