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The palletiser operates independently and can be installed with several types of farm packers, not just Prinzen. Various layout options are available, all using up minimal floor space. The PAL110 handles Ovologic and ECS-Twinpack trays, pallets and dividers (Other options may be available on request


• High capacity 40,000 eggs per hour
• Compact design, small footprint
• Loads 4 stacks of eggs per lift
• Two models, 5 or 6 layers per pallet
• Touch screen interface
• Fitted in one day between egg collections

Simple, Safe, Secure Egg Handling

• Automatically loads dividers
• Stores up to 20 dividers
• Manual placement of empty pallet
• Manual removal of full pallet

Saves Labour, Saves Cost, Saves Time

Prinzen Palletiser 110

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Click, Drag and


Eggs Per Hour


2021 Palletiser 110-Prinzen 70-Ergostack

Pallet Loader

The conveyor belt brings the stacks to the unique Prinzen Pallet Loader. With extreme precision the Pallet Loader swiftly places stacks of eggs onto pallets. When a layer on the pallet is complete, the Pallet Loader automatically takes a protective divider from stock and accurately positions it on top of the lower layer. Completed pallets can be automatically moved with a pallet conveyor or simply removed with a pallet truck and replaced by an empty pallet.


The machine has a capacity up to 80,000 eggs per hour and can load up to six layers on the pallets, using both plastic and cardboard trays. Its compact and small dimensions make it possible to fit it into almost any egg room.


Eggs Per Hour


Carton Packer

There is a growing desire by farmers to answer to food trends by offering fresh eggs at the local market or by direct on-farm selling. To answer this demand Prinzen developed the Carton Packing Module for packing eggs straight into (consumer type) carton egg boxes. It handles the most common used packaging types of the brands Huhtamaki, Hartmann and CDL Omnipac and carton box types holding 2x6, 10 and 12 eggs.

Capacity limitation when packing carton boxes

When packing eggs in carton boxes, the processing speed decreases due to the number of eggs corresponding with the carton box type handled.

As an example: Prinzen70 capacity of 25,200 eggs/hour handling 30-cell trays is 840 cycles per hour. Handling a carton box of 10 eggs makes 8,400 eggs per hour.

The Carton Packing Module requires no additional space floor and fits in with the modular set up of the Smartpack and Prinzen70 egg handling units.

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