The proof's in the pecking

The pecking pan is an environmental enrichment product with multiple benefits:

  • Encourages non-injurious pecking

  • Naturally blunts beaks

  • Source of calcium


The pecking pan contains a mix of sand, limestone and oyster shell for healthy bones, strong egg shells and efficient gizzards.


The pecking pan material was tested in a 2 year MSc study by the University of Bristol, which found that “pecking pans for chicks/pullets can provide a long-lasting environment enrichment which may reduce injurious pecking, reduce plumage damage and enhance bird welfare”.

Recommended at a rate of 2 per 1000 birds, the pecking pan can be suspended at crop height to encourage interest or placed on a stand on the ground. It is recommended that a small amount of feed is added regularly to encourage pecking.

Close Up Pan.jpg