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Bolegg Starter Success in Scotland

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Vencomatic UK have successfully completed a trial using their rearing system the Bolegg Starter with a customer in Scotland. The trial was to measure the benefits of rearing birds in a training system before being housed in a multitier system. The results were remarkable saving huge labour costs for the customer.

The Bolegg Starter is a rearing system which adapts to the chicks as they age. As the birds develop, gradual winching of the internal platforms of the system trains the birds to navigate through the multitier system.

The doors to the rearing system are opened allowing the birds to freely move in the poultry house. This process teaches the birds to return to the system for perching during the night. This is a crucial skill learnt for the flock to minimise floor eggs, and greatly reduce seconds later in the flock’s life.

The Bolegg Starters is equipped with manure belts and aeration tubes to ensure dry litter, fresh air, and a perfectly controlled climate. The Bolegg starter rearing system results in a uniform and healthy flock, ready for life in any aviary housing system.

With the customer in Scotland, the Vencomatic UK team recorded the results from hatching to placing the chicks. Monitoring the birds during this journey using our night vision camera to capture their behaviour. A flock of 64,000 Lohmann Classics were moved in total. They showed no weight lost or regress in behaviour, following the minimal journey to the new shed fitted out with the Veranda Single gallery system from Vencomatic.

To ensure optimal usage of the whole system, it is important that an optimal light distribution is achieved. Both the main lighting and in-system lighting have to be high quality to best unitised the learn behaviour of the Bolegg Starter. With the customer in Scotland, the CORAX* and BUBO* from HATO Lighting have been used. Together, they ensure an optimal light distribution, flicker-free lighting, and a uniform light spectrum. This stimulates optimal usage of the system and increases the well-being and performances of the birds.

The birds are trained by the Bolegg Starter to perch in the system at night, a behaviour triggered by dimming the CORAX main lighting, while leaving the BUBO system lighting on. As such, the laying hens react perfectly to the HATO Corax lighting and Bubo system lighting, this saves labour for the customer, no longer needing to place the birds up with every new flock.

The effectiveness of training the birds within the Bolegg starter was astonishing, saving significant labour costs for our customer. Gullwing inspection points at the rear of the nest enables monitoring of potential smotherings. Rearing using the Bolegg starter creates minimal floor eggs also dramatically reducing floor eggs leading to greater profits. The customer is extremely happy with this labour-saving solution and the effectiveness of the Bolegg starter system.

*Bolegg Starter: A rearing system to train your birds for life in multitier

*CORAX: The professional standard for poultry lighting.

*BUBO: Especially designed for in- and below system applications.

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