With the AI outbreak, we’re giving away a FREE refill with every 2 Pecking Pans ordered*.

he Government announced that as of the 14th December 2020, all birds are to be kept indoors with strict bio-security, to help contain transmission of the disease.

As a result, now more than ever, it is essential to ensure the welfare of your birds- particularly with their access to enrichment items.

The Pecking Pan:

Our Pecking Pan has proven welfare benefits that can help to reduce boredom and injurious pecking. Made from limestone, oyster shell and sand, it helps hens to produce strong eggs and provides a source of calcium – preventing osteoporosis.

The pan can placed or hung, to create movement and increase interest. They are easy to clean and the inner ring is replaceable to minimise plastic waste and reduce costs.

The pecking pan is an environmental enrichment product with multiple benefits:

  • Encourages non-injurious pecking

  • Naturally blunts beaks

  • Source of calcium

Contact us here or call the team on 01845 521 360 to order now.

*Offer valid until 31/01/2021. Until stocks last.

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