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How long will your nest system last?

At Vencomatic UK, they pride themselves on the answer to that question: decades. With their equipment made in-house using Magnelis galvanised steel and thanks to years of dedicated research and development, the equipment supplier not only assures quality, but provides high performance for decades to come.

At Vencomatic UK, they can confidently and proudly say they have some of the longest lasting products in the industry, so much so that they had a competition with their customers to see whose system was standing the longest. After many entries, they found two of their very happy customers still had systems working over 30 years later which showcases the longevity and reliability of their systems.

‘We need to try to be as sustainable as possible and having equipment that is robust can add to that sustainability’- Ivory Arden, poultry manager.

With their nests built from Magnelis galvanized steel, and welfare at the heart of all they do, Vencomatic UK can ensure longevity, better bird performance and profitability, the wish list of every poultry farmer.

At Vencomatic UK, all their materials including their pioneered Magnelis Steel are all developed in order to give customers the best value for money with system that are sustainable and have a long-life span. Magnelis Steel is a self-healing steel which ensures maximum protection from corrosion and rust with it being 6 times stronger than your average steel. At Vencomatic UK, they use Magnelis Steel as they know the better the material they use, the more resilient to damage it will be which means investing into a Vencomatic UK nest provides great value for money over the life of the nest.

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