Launching the Veranda Aviary 2 in Devon

Vencomatic UK launched it's latest high-welfare nest system at a well attended open day in North Devon.

The Veranda Aviary 2 features a host of welfare benefits, including: welfare ramps and step-on tubes to allow easy movement around the system - reducing keel bone fractures caused by falls and collisions; feed, water and nests on every level - to ensure the hens have easy access to everything they need; and optional Miteperch - to provide a safe perch and eradicate red mite.

The nest system provides the producer with an efficient, profitable system, with innovative built-in solutions for: system eggs - all floors slope towards the nest, ensuring that any system-laid eggs will find their way to the egg belt; contaminated eggs - Vencomat nest mats and square egg belts minimise contact with the egg, reducing contamination and second-grade eggs; feed wastage - lipped feed troughs minimise feed wastage through selective feedingand; longevity - steel components are fabricated in the Vencosteel factory, using self-healing Magnelis coating to minimise corrosion and contamination.

Also showcased at the open day was the ECO Unit - a revolutionary air-to-air heat exchanger which can recover up to 85% of the heat energy contained in exhaust air, passing it across incoming fresh air and delivering warm, fresh air into the poultry house. The ECO Unit provides a consistent temperature, throughout the year, delivering dry, friable litter and an improved environment for poultry staff. An integrated cleaning system rinses away any fine dust accumulation, minimising its release to the atmosphere. Much of the ammonia emitted is contained in fine dust, meaning that the ECO Unit can play a key part in minimising ammonia emissions - particularly key in obtaining planning permission in nitrate sensitive zones and other tightly-regulated areas.

Visitors to the open day were given the opportunity to look around the Prinzen packing equipment - the PSPC30 egg packer complete with Ovoprint printer and PS4 stacking module. Also on display were Vencomatic's latest innovation - the Green Eggs - a series of electronic eggs which register impacts along the journey from nest to packer, allowing the identification of problematic transfers, and a reduction in cracked and second-grade eggs.

Alongside Vencomatic, housebuilders Powell & Co, pullet suppliers, Hendrix Genetics and Hyline amd feed supplier Crediton Milling were also in attendance, and available to discuss customer requirements.

Crediton Milling kindly provided a delicious buffet, and the food was enjoyed by all. The week after the event, the unit was stocked with 16,000 DeKalb White pullets, supplying Waitrose via Stonegate.

The open day was followed by the final leg of the successful 'Health Means Wealth' roadshow series at a local hotel. The audience heard updates on recent innovations from the Vencomatic team, before Ian Mackinson demonstrated how Premier Nutrition meets the challenges of feeding the modern layer. Peter Cumbers of Joice and Hill explained how selective breeding has allowed Hendrix Genetics to provide pullets with ideal characteristics for floor housing systems. Aled Davies then gave an amusing talk on how using beneficial bacteria can lead to reduced antibiotic use, and Martin Humphrey from Humphrey Feeds & Pullets then gave the room an update on poultry commodity markets.

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