Multi-tier starts with aviary rear!

Join us at our rearing open day on October 10th as we launch the highest-welfare rearing system in the UK.

Training birds to move effectively round a multi-tier system begins in rear, and our range of rearing systems ensure your pullets are fully prepared before they move into their multi-tier laying home.

The Bolegg Starter features winchable platforms which increase the space between water, feed and perch levels, developing the birds' spatial awareness and confidence moving in 3 dimensions. All levels are equipped with manure belts and aeration tubes, ensuring dry, manure and a fresh environment.

Climate control is provided by the Vencomatic Clima Unit - an air-to-air heat exchanger which delivers pre-warmed fresh air to the poultry house. The Clima Unit provides a consistent, warm temperature which improves FCR, and promotes a warm, dry environment - improving litter quality and reducing ammonia.

To coincide with the open day, the Vencomatic Connect Roadshow visits The Angel at Topcliffe. The evening features short talks from selected industry speakers, and an update on innovations from Vencomatic, Prinzen and Vencomatic Energy.

To book a free place on either or both of these events, click here

With thanks to Morspan; Collinson; Hato; Hotraco; Hendrix genetics (Joice and Hill); Pell Plant for their generous support of the open day, and our Roadshow partners: Hendrix genetics (Joice and Hill); Lohmann GB; Avivets; Premier Nutrition; Pruex; Humphrey Feeds and Pullets for their continued support.

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