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Riding the Wave: Why we sponsored Jasmine at Rudderly Mad.

Vencomatic UK:

Specialising in bird welfare, we are one of the leading poultry equipment suppliers. Owned by a farmer, we have actively funded research and development to enhance animal wellbeing, continuously working with farmers to support the industry (with a current celebration on women in agriculture) and through our renewable energy division, are helping to protect the environment.

Jim Moore, Operations Director, states, ‘We decided to sponsor Jasmine as we believe in the importance of being part of the local community. Based in Thirsk, we have supported Jasmine from the start and think what she has set out to do is nothing short of inspirational’

He continues, ‘With the pandemic lockdowns and the difficulties we have all had to endure over the last year, sponsoring Jasmine has given us the opportunity to focus on her incredible positivity and determination and we believe she will inspire other young people to follow their dreams’

Vencomatic Group:

In partnership with Vencomatic UK, our main dealers at Vencomatic Group are also proud to be able to support Jasmine.

They state, “Vencomatic Group is a leading company in the poultry sector. It is our ambition to make poultry husbandry sustainable. We seek to balance the operation of a successful business with the lowest possible environmental impact, all while achieving the highest animal welfare levels. We are proud to pioneer and create the best products together with our customers”

‘Vencomatic Group’s concept of ‘pioneer’ aligns together with Jasmine’s brave character and her lust for adventure; similar to her aims, we also have the determination to develop innovative products, try new approaches and lead the way for the future’.

Together, we hope that Jasmine’s story inspires other individuals and businesses to be resilient, do what they love and continue to support one another even after this dark wave has passed.

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