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Rising Gas Prices – Reducing Costs with Heat Exchangers for Poultry Sheds

With energy prices going through the roof and increased pressure from suppliers to reduce carbon emissions, more and more poultry farmers are looking for new ways to save energy and reduce costs. To optimise energy, heat exchangers can be added to a shed which results in substantial savings in heat costs and promotes low carbon farming.

How can a Heat Exchange Save You Money?

Heat exchangers help you save by using the already warm air from inside the poultry shed to heat up incoming fresh air from outside. This is done without mixing the stale air with the fresh air, ensuring a constant flow of clean climatised air whilst using significantly less energy than traditional practices. Installing a heat exchanger on your shed allows you to fully control the climate in the house. Vencomatic UK provides heat exchangers with a high thermal efficiency of up to 80% and utilising their Louvre air distribution system. This projects the air to the roof, allowing for even temperatures, a steady climate and unintrusive ventilation for the birds. Vencomatic Group UK and sister company Agro Supply are leading suppliers of high quality, cost saving heat exchanges for the UK market.

Poultry Welfare Benefits of Installing a Heat Exchange

At Vencomatic UK, providing a high level of poultry welfare is central to our beliefs. Adding the Eco Unit to your poultry house poses benefits not only to your wallet, but to your birds as well. The Eco Unit is a heat exchanger which uses a small amount of electricity to recover heat from the shed. This allows for improved litter quality which reduces disease and helps with system maintenance operations, with the litter being much more friable. The Eco Unit also makes the air ‘dry’ which lowers the chances of respiratory infection. With temperature control, birds use less energy regulating their body heat subsequently reducing feed costs.

Environmental Benefits of Installing a Heat Exchange

As previously stated, heat exchangers allow for heat recovery with thermal efficiency of up to 80%. By installing a heat exchanger, you are not only saving money and increasing the welfare for your birds, but you are also drastically reducing your carbon emissions and environmental impact. With customers pushing for low carbon products and retailers like Sainsburys pledging net zero by 2040, it is the perfect time to invest for the future of poultry farming.

Vencomatic Group UK with sister company Agro Supply are leaders in providing poultry heat exchangers through innovation, efficiency, and quality. Vencomatic Group UK provides two series of products, the Eco Unit and the Clima Unit, which can be tailored to your requirements. Both providing 80% heat recovery except the Eco Unit provides the option of additional heating to further improve shed conditions. If you are looking to invest in the future of your farm, contact Vencomatic UK today.

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