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Sally Farm defines the future with a pioneering ‘welfare and environment first' model

Featured at the Open Day are:

The Vencomatic Veranda Gallery nest designed for the highest standards of welfare after 4 years research with The University of Bristol.

The latest packing technology with 2 state of the art Prinzen palletisers.

The Launch of the Vencomatic GreenEggWay the latest innovation in reducing cracked eggs.

A Demonstration of the X-Treck on farm hatching system.

The modular Dark Brooder from Vencomatic.

This is the first poultry unit at the Northern Poultry Campus at Boroughbridge near York. The ethos of the Campus is to create a series of highly efficient, high-welfare free-range poultry units, which are located in an environmentally friendly setting of 600 acres of trees and wildflower meadows. The litter and sileage from the range feed a local Anaerobic Digester. Ground source heat pumps will provide even temperatures for the birds for efficient egg production.

The Campus at Sally Farm will be a place of learning for degree students and apprentices. With 4 identical 16,000 bird poultry houses on each development, it will be a venue for research on a commercial scale where comparative controlled trials can be performed


This farm will be a facility for the UK poultry industry, a template for modern egg production and is the future of high poultry welfare.

Join us to be part of UK poultry history.

Open for farmers and the poultry industry on Friday 26th October 2018

Open to the local community and for families on Saturday 27th October 2018

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