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The Clima Unit- Heat Exchanger

At Vencomatic, we pride ourselves on our efficient and cost-effective products. For example, our Clima Unit allows our customers to have full control of the climate inside their poultry houses in all weather conditions with efficient use of energy. With low energy consumption and an improved climate, our Clima Unit helps reduce ammonia emissions by 35%.

The Clima Units uses warm air from inside the house to heat fresh air from the environment. The fresh air passes through tubes sealed inside the heat exchanger which are surrounded by warm air from the house. Pre-warmed air from the heat exchanger is directly brought into the heater module by passing over the radiator block. The hot air then passes through a louvre and is projected towards the roof where it is caught in a catchment sheet and spread throughout the house using circulation fans. This ensures an even temperature and uniform climate throughout the entire house.

At Vencomatic UK, we understand the importance of ensuring that everything we do and produce has the most positive impact on the environment. With this in mind, our Clima Unit reduces ammonia emissions by 35% (EA approved) which helps improve the climate and keeps the litter in great condition. A healthy climate is an absolute must to achieve optimum performance from your birds but controlling the climate in a poultry house can be a real challenge. The research and development carried out by our climate specialists helps offer the best solutions to create the perfect conditions for birds and humans in a profitable way and that is why we believe the Clima unit from Vencomatic UK is the best value for our customers.

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