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Vencomatic UK is Now a Part of the Vencomatic Group

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

With Dr. Leon Furlong retiring from Vencomatic UK, Vencomatic Group has made the UK distributor part of the global group. This means the group is one step closer to their customers, being able to listen closer and further develop their state-of-the-art poultry solutions within the UK market.

Vencomatic Group team and Vencomatic UK Team
Dave Johnstone, Ben McGill, Lotte van de Ven, Jim Moore, Kevin Howse, Dick van de Ven and Ruud Van der Heijden

What does this mean for Vencomatic UK’s farmers?

For our farmers, it means we will continue to provide the high levels of customer service that Vencomatic UK is renowned for. With a closer connection to where the systems are designed and manufactured, the UK team is able to access and connect with the global network of experts ensuring customers continue to receive the care they require.

Does this change who I contact at Vencomatic UK?

As the Vencomatic UK team are staying the same, there will be no changes in who our customers are in contact with. Our website will stay the same and be updated with tailored content for the UK audience. Customer relationships will see no effect by the change.

Both parties have provided statements regarding the handover both with positive views from Vencomatic UK and Vencomatic Group. See the statements below:

A Statement from Dr. Leon Furlong:

“I am delighted to confirm that Vencomatic group have agreed to purchase my interest in Vencomatic Poultry UK Ltd. Over the past 10 years we have been working ever more closely with our Dutch colleagues and it is a natural progression for both of the companies to join together.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the amazing Eersel Campus which is the HQ for Vencomatic in the Netherlands, and count many of their employees as friends. I would like to thank the Van de Ven family, who own Vencomatic, for their generous support and trust over the past 10 years. The ethos of Vencomatic Netherlands in their quality of equipment, customer service and importantly, care for the environment, reflects my own personal beliefs. Time has passed quickly, and enjoyably, with my Dutch colleagues, many of whom can now drink brown British beer!

There are fabulous new innovative products being built by Vencomatic Netherlands, like the Meggsius control equipment. The new Eco unit heat exchanger is truly stunning. The Prinzen Palletiser will save farmers a fortune. The future is very bright for Vencomatic in the UK.

The ownership of Vencomatic Poultry UK by Vencomatic Netherlands will strengthen the customer support and care which we give to our UK customers. We are very proud of the level of service we give in the UK, and that we have so many loyal customers who return to us.

The transfer will be seamless with Mr Ruud van der Heijden continuing as our close liaison with Eersel. Vencomatic in the Netherlands will support the excellent UK team under the continuing leadership of Jim Moore.

Many of my UK colleagues have been with me for 10 years, and there is a hint of sadness for me at my leaving. I would like to express my sincere thanks to one of the kindest, hardworking, cheerful men I have ever met, Kevin Howse. It has been an honour to work with him, and a great pleasure being his friend.

I am proud that I leave Vencomatic Poultry UK with a team which is the best we have ever had. Thank you all.”

Statement from Vencomatic Group:

“The Vencomatic UK distributor is becoming part of the Vencomatic Group which brings us one step closer to our customers.

This facilitates more direct communication between our farmers and our product innovation teams, allowing us to listen carefully to their needs and provide even better solutions.

We are grateful for the confidence that Leon has entrusted in the group to strengthen the connection we have within the UK market. We are immensely proud of the UK team and how the business has developed. We aim to continue to provide the highest levels of customer service Vencomatic UK is renowned for.

Despite a turbulent global market for the poultry industry, we believe that Vencomatic UK will be stronger and more resilient as part of the group, to the benefit of our customers. A combination of Vencomatic Group’s state of the art poultry solutions and Vencomatic UK’s dedicated team, we know that the future for Vencomatic UK is bright.”

At Vencomatic UK we are excited for this transition of becoming part of the global group, we look forward to carrying on providing for our customers with our high-quality poultry solutions.

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