What the Peck? Reducing Injurious Pecking Over Winter

Chickens are naturally inquisitive, and as many farmers know, will peck at anything. After years of research and development, Vencomatic UK have a solution.

Pecking is part of their natural behaviour, and the outside ranges provide much to keep the birds entertained. However, with inclement weather and shorter days, birds are choosing to spend longer indoors. Without natural enrichment, they are prone to boredom and injurious pecking. This is harmful, as it can cause infections, feather pecking, added stress, and at worse, fatalities. Not only because of legislation, but for the welfare of the birds, enrichment should be supplied.

One way to keep your chickens happy is with pecking pans. These are Vencomatic UK’s innovation to provide chickens with long-lasting environment enrichment. Developed in collaboration with the University of Bristol, pecking pans encourage natural behaviour by engaging with their foraging instinct whilst naturally blunting the chickens’ beaks. These factors combine to reduce injurious pecking. A special base uses natural and organic ingredients, containing oyster shell, limestone, and sand. This provides added calcium preventing osteoporosis and giving you stronger eggshells, amongst other benefits. Added interest can be gained by allowing the pans to move a little, achieved by hanging the pans from the system. The pans are easy to clean and sterilise, allowing for refilling at turnaround.

Higher welfare means higher production. Preventing injurious pecking using Vencomatic UK’s pecking pans can benefit not only the birds, but the farmers also.

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