Efficient egg handling solutions by
With a flexible, modular range, there's a Prinzen egg handling solution to suit every egg room, no matter how many eggs you need to pack.
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Egg handling solutions for layers
The Prinzen range for consumption eggs offers everything from simple packing machines to fully-integrated packing, coding and palletising systems, allowing us to design a bespoke package that works for you.
Palletising, grading and carton packing
A range of supplementary products to complement your Prinzen packing machine.
Egg handling solutions for breeders
Prinzen handling of breeder eggs offers an unrivalled 99.7% point-down set technology to ensure optimal hatchability. The range includes options for coding, grading, packing and trolley loading.
Prinzen support services
Prinzen solutions are supported by a team of highly-skilled engineers with an unrivalled service record. The Prinzen engineer team also offer a range of complementary services including an electronic egg assessment.