Year-round energy from a sustainable source

Solar PV (photovoltaics) generates electricity from the energy provided by then sun, making it the most yearly consistent and sustainable energy source on the planet.

Solar PV panels produce electricity from daylight rather than direct sunlight therefore all-year- round generation is possible. The panels will give a consistent output on a year by year basis and are estimated to produce 80% of their capacity by year 25 and 60% of their capacity by year 40.
Now that the Feed-in Tariff subsidy has been removed from Solar PV, the general consensus is that Solar PV needs a subsidy to make financial sense, this is not the case. Solar PV as an energy source is now truly sustainable on its own two feet and with electricity prices due to keep rising, the savings will only increase year on year.

On a well-designed system suitable to individual needs, estimated payback should be around 6.5 years. This can be achieved by on-site usage between 60-100% of the energy produced by the solar. Using the power at around 14-15p is more cost-effective than exporting and selling the power at around 6p.

Roof Mounted or Ground Mounted?


There are benefits of both examples of Roof and Ground Mounted systems and it all depends on the layout of space available on your site This recommendation will be given to you by our site surveyors who will offer their opinion and give it the same thought as if it were their own site.


Considerations would include:
Structural integrity of the building
Available roof space
Available ground area and distance to electricity meter
Orientation of building

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)


A Power Purchase agreement is another option for your business. A PPA is a way of lowering your electricity bills through Solar without the need to invest yourself! This works on a 25 year agreement that is re-evaluated alongside the negotiation of your existing electricity cost. You then buy the electricity generated by the solar panels at an agreed reduced rate.
• The solar PV system is funded by Vencomatic and therefore also maintained by us
• A zero cost route to improve the sustainability of your business
• The unit price you pay can be fixed or variable for the 25 years, much like a mortgage to allow you flexibility during the agreement
• The PPA can be transferred to new occupants of the property should your businesses location change.

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