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System Add-Ons

We're really proud of the performance of all our machines, but understand that sometimes breakdowns can occur. We're also really proud of the fact that in 2018, 2019 and 2020, we responded to 100% of our service request calls within 24 hours.
We understand the inconvenience it causes when your packer goes down, and we're committed to getting you back and running as quickly as possible.

Service & Repair Helpline: 01845 521361

The Green Egg Way

Ten electronic eggs that identify trauma points in order to minimise cracked eggs. The entire journey from nest to tray is assessed several times and an average is then taken.
Adjustments are then made to transfer points where necessary, and bump strips and detectors installed.
A diagnostic report is provided both before and after improvements.


Our monthly service plan designed to spread the cost of keeping your Prinzen products working efficiently because a regularly serviced machine is less likely to break down.
Prinzen+ membership includes:
•  One service at 12 month intervals (flock dates dependent)
•  Valve block service (excluding Speedpack)
•  Green Egg Way check on packer only (rest of system check available at special rate)
•  Blow down/dry clean
•  Lubrication Inc. 1 x Teflon & 1 x Silicon
•  Minimum 3 hours on site including operator refresher training if necessary
•  Discounted hourly rate for breakdowns 
•  Free technical support via telephone
*Mainland UK only
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