Managing aviary birds is easier than you think
The Veranda Gallery is Vencomatic's new multi-tier aviary system for layers that combines user friendliness with a clever and economic design. While birds can follow their natural behaviour resulting in optimal laying performance, it allows you to collect eggs in an efficient way, preserving the quality after lay.
At the heart of the Veranda Gallery you’ll find the Vencomatic laying nest. This nest is based on Vencomatic innovations, such as the Vencomat, the tipping floor and the egg belt and can be extended with the Vencobelt and Vencoslat. Innovations that make the difference ensuring outstanding egg quality. The design of the Vencomat ensures minimum contact with the eggs.
With the perfect angle of the nest eggs gently roll away directly after lay protecting them from damage by the birds. All 3 tiers of the Veranda Gallery are equipped with egg belts, enabling automatic collection of all eggs. A tipping floor closing mechanism prevents littering the nest at night and allows dirt and dust to fall off easily when closing the nest. The system offers an hygienic environment through the combination of the nest and the wire mesh floor.
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