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Unistart is an economical and easy to use rearing system configured in rows. Here the poultry manager has full control over his birds. Thanks to its compact dimensions it fits in any house and allows a high number of birds per square meter floor surface.

Day-old chicks are evenly spread over the compartments. When training starts they are released and start to range through the house. The exterior platforms train them to move vertically to all levels.

All moveable elements are centrally controlled by a motor or a hand winch at the front end of the row. Individual doors can also be partially folded down or opened by hand. This together with the open construction allows for:

  • excellent visual access;

  • easy inspection, vaccination, catching;

  • thorough cleaning.

All three levels are equipped with manure belts. Aeration tubes can optionally be added to these belts to improve the climate in the house.


Unistart (drawing 1)_jpg.jpg

Perfect for

Barn or
Free Range

In this row system with internal platforms, training of the chicks starts at day one.


By winching the integrated platforms water and feed levels are gradually pulled apart along with the birds growth. This stimulates the birds to jump to different levels in the system.

When the doors open, the birds can freely move in the house. While the birds rest on the integrated perches at night, the poultry manager can easily lock the birds in the system for vaccination or catching.

All levels are equipped with manure belts and aeration tubes. This ensures dry manure, fresh air at bird level and an overall good climate in the house.


Rearing in the Bolegg Starter results in a uniform and healthy flock ready for life in an aviary system.

Bolegg Starter

Bolegg Starter (drawing)_jpg.jpg

Perfect for

Free Range

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