Meggsius Range

Our latest group of products have one goal: measuring as many performance markers as possible, gathering information, to ensure every bird, every flock and every farm maximises it’s potential.


Meggsius Detect.jpg

Meggsius Detect

This innovative enhancement, is a modified plate that fits between the main cross conveyor and the infeed to the Prinzen UK packer. When a broken egg touches the 

interlocking fingers, the packer will stop and a red light is displayed. The operator can then clean the broken egg, wipe the fingers and restart the system. This 

reduces time spent cleaning and prevents further contamination of the packer and other



Meggsius Count

This system uses a camera to count the eggs on each egg belt coming out of the house. In addition, a desired speed can be programmed in to the Meggsius Control,Using the data from the Meggsius Count cameras, each egg belt is automatically adjusted to ensure a constant flow of egg at the required capacity is supplied to the packer.


Meggsius Control

The Meggsius Control allows the user to program an egg collection based on egg belt or nest belt position. It is designed to count the number of revolutions of the drive roller at a known speed. This means that at all times the Meggsius Control knows the position of the egg belt and can ensure that the every collection, no matter who the operator, is a carbon copy of the collection before.


Meggsius Select

The Select is a camera based vision grading system designed to grade eggs on shell characteristics. It can automatically detect any second grade eggs based on external defects of the egg such as dirt, feathers and mis-shapes. It does this by taking eight pictures of each egg to create an overview of all of the surface. Then, it uses a set of parameters to determine if the egg is grade A or a second. The tolerance level of each measured characteristic can be set by the operator to fine tune which eggs are removed and which are allowed through to be packed.