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Meggsius Range

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Meggsius Detect.jpg

Meggsius Detect

Fitting between the main cross conveyor and the infeed to the packer. When a broken egg touches the interlocking fingers, the packer will stop and a red light is displayed.

Meggsius Control (1).JPG

Meggsius Control

Programming egg collection using data from egg belt position at a known speed. At all times the Meggsius Control knows the position of the egg belt and can ensure that the every collection is a carbon copy.

Meggsius Count (1).jpg

Meggsius Count

This system uses a camera to count the eggs on each egg belt coming out of the house. In addition, a desired speed can be programmed in to the Meggsius Control, using the data from the Meggsius Count cameras.


Meggsius Select

A camera-based vision grading system designed to grade eggs on shell characteristics. Taking eight pictures of an egg, then comparing based off set parameters by the operator. 

Our latest group of products have one goal: measuring as many performance markers as possible, gathering information, to ensure every bird, every flock and every farm maximises it’s potential.

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