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First Prinzen PR100 Packer Installed in the UK

With the continued demand for egg supply and technology advancing at a rapid rate, it’s easy to see why poultry managers are looking to invest in equipment that will not only last, but perform to an exceptional standard. Ivory Arden, who not only installed her latest nest and packer for their welfare benefits, but for the value too and as a result, has seen increased performance.

Leading the way:

The Arden family have been in the farming industry for generations, providing arable and storage, however, it wasn’t until Ivory expressed her interest in the poultry sector, that they chose to diversify to incorporate her within the business.

She states, “the poultry industry is forever changing and is so advanced [that] it caught our interest” and since then, Ivory began as poultry manager to a 32,000 free-range laying shed which has now increased by another two.

Looking at her role and the importance of bird welfare and its impact on productivity, she explains, “I have to ensure my hens have everything they need to produce high quality eggs and that they have the highest welfare for happy, healthy hens! Creating a stress-free environment by; tweaking lighting schedules, choosing the correct feed ration, clean bedding, access to clean fresh water, administration of vitamins or medication, plenty of enrichment etc”

In her latest shed, Ivory has installed the Veranda Gallery by Vencomatic, chosen for its development with the RSPCA and Magnelis galvanised steel for guaranteed longevity.

She argues, “It is so important to pick equipment that is going to last a long time as it’s being used 24/7 and you don’t want to have to be replacing things all the time. We need to try to be as sustainable as possible and having equipment that is robust can add to that sustainability”.

Moreover, she is so far impressed with the welfare benefits and productivity, “we have had an excellent crop, one of our best so far”.

In addition to the high welfare nest system, Ivory opted for one of the most advanced Prinzen packers to hit the market: the PR100. Installing one of the first in Europe and the first in the UK, she can already see a difference to egg quality and profitability.

“Having one of the first PR100’s in Europe and the UK does come with some teething issues but that’s like anything new. The packer is easy to use, the design of the grading table increases visibility of second eggs, and it’s works nicely alongside the Cobot”.

She further approves of Vencomatic’s commitment to their customers, “We really liked the equipment and the after care, [they] are very good at helping with any issues you might be finding and are quick to assist.”

Over the next 5 years, Ivory would like to continue her dedication to welfare and “ focus on improving our current sheds, bringing them to the highest standard possible”. To do this, she plans to utilise “data input and analysis and maintain a well keep site”.

She finishes, “we are currently looking into rearing our own pullets which would help to make us more sustainable as a business. Also looking/taking part in new trails to benefit bird welfare”.

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