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High Value at Vencomatic

At Vencomatic UK we believe in providing great value for money across the full range of Vencomatic and Prinzen products. We build products that are designed to give great production for many years into the future, so we know our customers are getting the best value for their money.

To achieve this, we use the best quality materials. From Magnelis coated steel to resist the corrosive atmosphere in a poultry shed, to stainless steel feet where the system is in constant contact with the litter, we make sure that every part of our products has a purpose. Our Vencobelt egg conveying systems has automatic lubrication, meaning the drive chain is always running smoothly; this reduces the likelihood of breakdowns ensuring you can collect eggs worry free which saves time and money for our customers. At Vencomatic UK, having our own in-house manufacturing facilities with Magnelis steel, means we can keep on top of quality control ensuring every part meets our strict standards.

We workday in and day out to develop products that are long lasting and reliable for our customers. All products are developed based on a thorough understanding of the constantly improving market at a poultry farm and the behaviour of the birds. Combined with great materials we engineer the systems to minimise system eggs, reduce feed wastage and improve the welfare for the birds because we know the better the quality of welfare, the better quality of egg.

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