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Spread the Christmas joy with a heartfelt donation to the IEF!

IEF Donation from Vencomatic Group

Christmas gift for IEF

On behalf of Vencomatic Group and our global partners, we made a Christmas donation to the International Egg Foundation (IEF). We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for poultry farming and animal welfare. Recently, Jim Moore, Managing Director of Vencomatic Group United Kingdom, had the privilege of meeting Steve Manton, Trustee of IEF. Jim presented a symbolic cheque for our new donation, which will support the continued important work of IEF, like the Egg Schools and technical egg production training even further. 

IEF Donation from Vencomatic Group

The foundation and all their causes greatly appreciated this and Cassy Price, CEO of the IEF, is delighted to share some of the accomplishments made possible by your donation.

Helping to improve nutrition, health and education 

IEF Donation from Vencomatic Group

The International Egg Foundation is a global charity that aims to create an independent and sustainable food supply by developing local knowledge, expertise and entrepreneurship in protein deficient populations, increasing the consumption and local production of eggs. Cassy Price CEO of the IEF says “The very generous donation received from the Vencomatic Group last year has allowed us to progress programmes such as our Global Egg Schools and technical egg production training programmes upskilling small-scale egg farmers to become commercially sustainable. This is helping communities access eggs in rural, low nutrition regions. One trained farmer can provide 30,000 people with an egg a week, significantly improving nutritional health outcomes.

“We were especially delighted to provide funding towards the construction of a dedicated layer rearing barn in Bukuya,“The programme has had fantastic results, families have been able to become self-sufficient, have a source of high-quality protein at mealtimes and even send their children to school with the income they have generated. We are extremely proud that we together we have helped to unlock opportunities and outcomes in these regions.  Our next step is to radically develop and accelerate egg sectors in low- and middle-income countries, through value chain supported “egg hub” business models to sustainably increase egg consumption. However, we cannot do this alone which is why the support from Vencomatic is so important, and together we can unlock the full potential of the egg and empower vulnerable communities”.

IEF Donation from Vencomatic Group

Uganda supporting the Childrens Chicken Ownership Programme, which provides children, in two village locations with a hen, a rooster, starter feed and training. A local farmer works with children to develop the skills to care for hens and later manage a small business. Despite this success and it is benefitting over 300 families to date, the programme has faced challenges in sourcing point-of-lay hens, limiting its sustainability and growth. This new barn now means the long-term future of this programme is secured, and able to reach even more families over the coming years."

To find out more about IEF projects and the impact they have around the world, visit:

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