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Pioneering Technology Transforms Breeding Operations in Northern Ireland

Liam McCarney and his son, Mark McCarney, recently marked a significant milestone in Northern Ireland's poultry industry with the establishment of the first Meggsius Family breeder farm in the region.

Liam McCarney and Mark McCarney with a Meggsius Select

Supplying hatching eggs to Moy Park, their farm comprises four houses, each accommodating 8000 females. What sets this operation apart is the integration of the comprehensive Meggsius Family system, coupled with the addition of a new Ovoset Pro, streamlined through a central Vencobelt and packing room at one end of the site.

The decision-making process leading to this groundbreaking installation was shaped significantly by Liam and Mark's involvement in a Moy Park producer group, which included a visit to the Venco Campus. Liam shared his insight, highlighting the historical lag in technological advancements within the breeder industry. He stressed, "For many years, our sector has trailed behind in technology, automation, and investment. To secure the future of our farm and the industry for upcoming generations, such as Mark, investment in transformative products like the Meggsius Family is an absolute necessity."

The visit left a lasting impression on Liam and Mark, sparking keen interest in ECO Units. Their exposure to innovative solutions during the visit propelled them to take a significant step forward. Convinced by what they witnessed and learned, they swiftly ordered a unit to delve deeper into its performance and potential benefits. Commissioned in early November, the unit has surpassed expectations, delivering exceptional performance from its inception.

The McCarneys' bold investment in cutting-edge technology reflects not only their commitment to enhancing their farm's efficiency but also their vision for advancing the entire industry. As pioneers in embracing these transformative solutions, they set a new benchmark for breeding operations in Northern Ireland, positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

This proactive approach signifies a turning point, heralding a new era where technology and forward-thinking strategies revolutionise the poultry breeding landscape. Liam and Mark's journey stands as a testament to the pivotal role innovation plays in shaping the future of agriculture and ensuring its sustainability for generations to come.

Stay tuned for further updates on the remarkable strides and success stories as Liam and Mark continue to explore and implement pioneering technologies in their quest for excellence.

You can learn more about the Meggsius Range here or contact the team for more information on 01845 521 360.

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