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Running for the Women In Agriculture Scotland Committee

Our Graphic Designer and Marketing Exec is on the nomination list to be part of the Women in Agriculture Scotland Committee. You can now vote for her here!

After working on a Women in Agriculture project this year, celebrating females across the industry, Lizzie McLaughlin is now hoping to be voted onto the WiAS committee to further her initiative.

From interviewing empowering women, to editing videos and sharing their stories, she would now like to have the chance to make a greater impact, network with like minded people and reach a wider audience. She states:

"I’m a true optimist, with real ambition, driven work ethic and have the ‘always smiling’ kind of attitude. My background in Design and English Language alongside my strong interest in feminism and more recently working in the agriculture, bird welfare and the environment, has meant that joining the industry has given me the opportunity to make a difference.

Over the past 6 months, I have worked closely with women across different sectors, from farmers to project managers, and shared their story through editorials, videos and social media. Not only has it been inspiring to speak to empowering females but to encourage those outside of the industry to consider a career in agriculture".

Speaking to Jim Moore, Operations Director at Vencomatic UK, he comments, "It's great to see Lizzie making such a positive impact on the industry. We are so proud to support women in agriculture and hope that if she is voted onto the committee, she will bring fresh ideas and further the work she has already been doing".

To continue, Lizzie enthuses what she hopes to achieve, "I would love to bring my enthusiasm and passion to the Women in Agriculture Scotland committee, be a voice for the younger generation and continue to highlight the fantastic work women in the industry do. I feel I would be able to make a visible contribution with my creative skillset, event management experience and bubbly personality - all with a good cup of tea of course! “Behind every great farm, there is a great farmHer” and I really want to be a part of making a difference".

To vote for Lizzie, you first need to become a member of the WiAS which you can do for free here:

(Please note, you need to sign up as a member or your vote will be disqualified)

Once complete, you can cast your vote here

Thank you to everyone who votes and best of luck to Lizzie!

Voting closes on the 20th November 2020.

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