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Sustainable Farming at Vencomatic

At Vencomatic, it is our mission to make poultry farming sustainable in every way. We seek to balance the operation of a successful business with the lowest possible environmental impact, all while trying to achieve the highest animal welfare standards.

Since the very beginning of our journey as a company, we have been pioneering high welfare in the poultry sector. We continue to thrive by thinking differently, pushing boundaries, and really listening to our customers as we believe that is how we will make a difference. We are always looking at new ways to increase production, whilst also decreasing the impact on the planet.

Vencomatic systems are long lasting and highly efficient and as a result improve production. Due to our excellent design and manufacturing of housing systems, our customers report they use less feed. This combined with the design of our feed trough that reduces feed wastage, means less costs for our farmers. With our slopping floors, we minimise the amount of system eggs. Along with our under-system scrapers helping reduce floor eggs our farmers have fewer seconds and reduced labour cost in collection, resulting in more eggs therefore increased return on investment.

“We need to try to be as sustainable as possible and having equipment that is robust can add to that sustainability” - Ivory Arden

Our housing systems are made to suit the birds and the farmers with equipment made to last whilst minimising labour and resource usage. With our knowledge-based designs, we create climate solutions to provide a healthy climate and egg handling equipment to maintain egg quality. At Vencomatic, we are always looking to develop our sustainability and high welfare.

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