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The Race has Started!

Jasmine, at Rudderly Mad, has started her journey to be the youngest female to row solo across the Atlantic- and we're giving her our full support!

On the 12th December, Jasmine set off on her boat to take on the Talisker Whisky challenge, aiming to row more than 3,000 miles. At Vencomatic UK, in partnership with Vencomatic Group, we are sponsoring her, supporting her journey and keeping up to date with her progress.

On Saturday, she posted her last scheduled Facebook status, saying,

"I scheduled this post before I set off as the last one I write before the page fully gets taken over by Susan and T. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me get here and leave La Gomera on the trip of a lifetime"

She further thanks her sponsors:

"They say the hardest part about this challenge is getting to the start line, although I can’t say that’s true yet as I’ve not completed the crossing I know it’s been hard particularly this year but it’s my sponsors that have made this happen".

"There was a lot of funds that needed to be raised to get here and so from sponsors big and small each one is massively appreciated and I hope you will get lots out of this.

Each sponsor I have is based in Thirsk and so remember their names and give them a like/follow because they’ve stuck with me throughout!"

Through a tracking app, those interested in her story can follow her movement across the ocean and see her position in the race.

We wish her all of the best of luck and will continue to keep updating our blog on her progress.

Images from @RudderlyMad available here:

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