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What does High Welfare mean?

The health and wellbeing of your chickens has a direct impact on the performance of the flock. At Vencomatic UK we work with our farmers to provide systems which cater for the birds, promoting their natural behaviours, minimising injury, and maximising happiness for the birds and profits for our farmers.

Vencomatic systems benefit the welfare of the birds in all aspects, but some examples include:

More Drinkers and Feeders

Vencomatic UK provides systems with more than enough feeders and drinkers for all the birds. A system with just enough drinkers creates competition between birds which leads to aggressive behaviour and feather pecking. On Vencomatic’s high welfare systems there is more drinkers, all intelligently placed, with the happiness of the birds in mind. The Venco Trough design reduces selective feeding which means all the birds have access to the same high quality feed.

“It provides plenty of necessities for the hens to be able to produce high quality eggs and live a happy life”

- Ivory Arden

Providing More Space

Our high welfare systems are designed to give the bird space. Cramped housing causes the birds to be more aggressive, increasing the likelihood of feather pecking. Vencomatic multi-tier systems are designed with refuge areas to allow weaker chickens to escape more dominant birds. This welfare feature helps to prevent bullying within the flock.

More Enrichment

Vencomatic UK provides pecking pans which occupies the birds during day, reducing feather pecking. This high welfare enrichment tool is also a great way to introduce grit into the bird’s diet.

Less Chance of disease

Vencomatic’s multi-tier systems have easy and frequent manure removal which improves the hygiene of the whole system. Our systems also have great airflow which helps to dry the litter and to make the birds feel more comfortable on the system.

Longer Production Life

A combination of all the high welfare features that the Vencomatic systems provides contribute to the production life of the flock being longer. This helps to increase profits for our farmers.

Better Ventilation

Our product line of heat exchangers provide ventilation to your poultry house. The Eco Unit has the added benefit of heating and cooling for the house. This is better for the chickens as they are using less energy to heat themselves and more energy for egg production. Our heat exchangers also save our farmers up to 50% on their gas bill.

Better Shell Quality

Healthy chickens lay healthy eggs. Employing high welfare features and poultry husbandry will improve shell quality and therefore reduce seconds, increasing profits for our farmers.

Higher Production

As previously stated, high welfare means more healthy birds. With better egg quality, a longer production life, and making sure that every bird has everything they need.

Vencomatic believe that high welfare and high production go hand in hand to benefit not only the birds but the farmer as well.

You can speak with our experts directly by calling today!

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