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Smart Eggs

What if you could reduce eggshell damage?

As hens age, the quality of their egg shell becomes weaker and more delicate. During automatic egg collection, packing and transport eggs are exposed to G-forces, mainly at transition points that can cause the egg shell to crack.

Prevent cracks, use Smart Eggs.
How does it work?

The Gregg Smart Egg is an electronic egg full of sensors registering G-forces across all transition points from nest to tray.

Scientific research* in layer hens has shown that decreasing G-forces down to 20 G can reduce the crack occurrence from 7.7% to 0.3 - 1%. Studies** have also shown that hairline cracks in hatching eggs can result in 40% less hatchability.

With the Gregg you can easily identify those transition points that cause unnecessary damage to the eggs. Once identified you can have the problem fixed! 

In need of specific solutions?
We can help.

*Van Mourik, S, Alders BPGJ, (2017) Predicting hairline fractures in eggs of mature hens (513448) Wageningen University Farm Technology Group
**Barnett et al., 2004


What could Gregg Smart Eggs mean for your business?

Having control and knowing that there are no cracks in your eggs will take your egg quality to the next level.

Press the play button to expolore the Gregg Smart Eggs.  


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