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Egg Handling Solutions

The modular Prinzen UK range automates your egg room, improving efficiency and minimising damage.


Housing Systems

The Vencomatic UK nest system range is built to last, designed for bird welfare and crafted to maximise your profits.

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Ventilation and Energy Solutions

Keep your sheds ventilated and cool with our range of ventilation systems to accommodate any all of your requirements


At Vencomatic UK, we believe in providing high welfare systems to optimise poultry production.

Refined over decades of research and development, our innovative solutions promote natural behaviours and are trusted by farmers worldwide.  Our UK-based team provides tailored poultry systems, efficient egg handling equipment, and long-lasting solutions for the modern poultry farmer.

Poultry Welfare is

Our Passion

What Our Farmers Say

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Ivory Arden

It is so important to pick equipment that is going to last a long time as it’s being used 24/7 and you don’t want to have to be replacing things all the time.


Matt Donald

Even with the best will in the world, we couldn’t obtain the same result this packer can when packing by hand


Patrick Lynn

We took out our old flat bed system, that we had for 7 years and installed a new Vencomatic Veranda Gallery  


The Scott Brothers

I would rather invest in a system that is good value and going to potentially last longer, require reduced labour to run and have less problems along the way

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Ben Edkins

We chose Vencomatic because it is easy to manage, it's good for the welfare of the birds and we get the performance off it.

Rowland Morris

Giving very consistent temperature; the air quality is second to none with no capping of litter on the scratch area