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ECO Entry

Compact, efficient and affordable climate control. The ECO Entry is a perfect match for poultry houses with <15,000 birds. The base for ECO Entry is the ECO Unit 200, but it is a smaller heat exchanger both in capacity and dimensions. Designed with simplicity and savings in mind, the ECO Entry offers several advantages.

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Compact design, maximum efficiency, low investment 

  • Capacity of 10.000m3/ h, efficient and affordable for smaller poultry houses

  • Narrow footprint: easily fits between or next to the poultry houses, making the most of the available space. The ECO Entry unit measures 1.3m wide, 9.0m long and 2.3m high

  • Robust thermal efficiency, guaranteeing an impressive 80% thermal efficiency, which translates into substantial energy savings

Tailored Control Options

  • 0-10V control via an external computer for precise climate management or utilize a potentiometer for manual pre-setting

  • Advanced control with the Navi system

Rinsing ECO Entry

The ECO Entry can be equipped with an rinsing system. The dust that remains in the ECO Entry is discharged by means of a built-in washing installation. The rinsing process keeps the unit clean and heat exchange optimal. 

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