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ECO Zero

The ECO Zero brings a comfortable indoor climate to your house, under all outside conditions​. This optimal climate results in strongly improved productivity of layers at 87 weeks, 1,5 - 4% lower mortality, 10 - 25 extra eggs​ and 4 - 6 gram less daily feed intake​. The fine dust emission is reduced with 80%​.

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Healthy birds


In the ECO Zero heat exchanger exchanges the heat from the warm air taken from inside the house with fresh air from outside. Thanks to the counter flow air stream and the 8 meter long channels it achieves a superior thermal efficiency of 80%. Intelligent software governs this technology and is developed based on a thorough understanding of climate control in poultry houses.

The preheated air is distributed directly under the bird and onto the manure belt. This leads to:

  • excellent and healthy microclimate in all weather conditions;

  • ​optimizing the drying of the manure;

  • decreasing its humidity resulting in low ammonia emissions;

  • ensuring healthy birds.

With the ECO Zero you create a perfect and constant climate in the house resulting in optimal bird performance.

2023 VCMG ECO Unit (Save Feed) - Whitepaper by Vencomatic Group

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