Fresh air at a consistent temperature

The Clima Unit 200 includes a heater module which allows full control of the climate in the Layer House in all weather conditions, with efficient use of energy.


The Clima 200 heat exchanger uses warm air from inside the house to heat fresh air from the environment. The fresh air passes though tubes sealed inside the heat exchanger which are surrounded by warm air from the house.


Pre-warmed air from the heat exchanger is brought directly into the heater module, passing over the radiator block. Hot water is provided by the ground source heat pump.


The hot air is passed through a louvre and projected towards the roof, where it is caught in the catchment sheet and spread throughout the house by the circulation fans. This ensures an even temperature and uniform climate throughout the entire house.


The Clima 200 with the Heater Module creates a perfect and constant climate in the house resulting in optimal litter quality, reducing ammonia, CO2 and dust emissions.


This system will provide up to 25,000 cubic metres of air per hour. It will provide all the minimum ventilation to the Layer House; the ventilation system will not be used. It will be initiated when the temperature rises.


This system is controlled through the Hotraco Fortica computer, where installed, or the Navi Computer from Vencomatic.

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