Flexible Finance Solutions

Financed by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Ltd

Finance available to corporate entities (Limited Companies or PLCs) only.  Terms and conditions apply*

Spread the costs of our high value equipment by paying with monthly instalments

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The ECO Unit



Save up to 60% on your gas bill by recovering up to 80% of the heat from your poultry house with this multifunctional air to air heat exchanger. With heating and cooling options, you can maintain even temperatures all year-round while reducing ammonia, dust, and CO2. 

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per month

The Clima Unit



An efficient, cost-effective heat exchanger which recovers up to 80% of the heat contained in stale exhaust air by passing it over (but not mixing with) fresh air from outside. The fresh air passes through tubes sealed inside the heat exchanger which are surrounded by warm air from the house.


Prinzen Palletiser 110

The palletiser operates independently and can be installed with several types of farm packers, not just Prinzen. Various layout options are available, all using up minimal floor space. The PAL110 handles Ovologic and ECS-Twinpack trays, pallets and dividers.

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PR70 Packer
+ Roller Inspection
+ Stacker

Finance Available on a Range of Prinzen Products  

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Terms and Conditions 

*Finance for corporate (Limited or PLC) business purposes only. Subject to acceptance and affordability checks. Applicant must be 18 or over. Promotion valid until 30/09/22. Available on new removable equipment only. The finance product offered under this promotion is Hire Purchase. First payment (10% of cost price), full VAT and a documentation fee of £100 are all due on signing. An option to purchase fee of £100 (plus VAT) will be collected with the final payment.  You will own the machine when all payments have been made. Alternative finance options are available. Terms and Conditions apply. Annual admin fee of £40 plus VAT. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Finance provided by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Ltd, Northern Cross, Basing View, Basingstoke RG21 4HL Registered in England No. 901225. Limited stock availability.